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Start-UP Visa Program

Are you an entrepreneur with an innovative business idea and creativity?

If you are an entrepreneur with skills and have an innovative business idea to create new jobs that can get support from one of the designated organizations, you may be able to apply through this program to get permanent residence

Investment and Entrepreneurship

Are you a business owner or a senior manager?

If you are an investor, entrepreneur, business owner, or chief executive officer in companies and corporations, you can apply through one of the Canadian federal or provincial governments, and European migration programs

Get a New Passport and Residency

 How to get passport and residency in a fast way?

If you need to get a new passport very fast , Invest in this some countries and receive a passport in just 3-4 months that allows free travel for you and your family (including your parents) to Canada, Europe and many countries around the world.

Self-Employed Person

  How to immigrate if you have relevant artistic, or athletic experience?

If you have taken part at world-class level or been a self-employed person in cultural activities or athletics, you can apply for immigration to Canada under Self-employed Persons Program.

Express Entry

 Do you have any relevant work experience after university graduation ?

If you have a university degree and professional background in your field of study, you can apply through one of the federal or provincial immigration programs of Canada Express Entry

Study and Visitor Visa

 Are you looking to study in Canada or intend to visit ?

If you are looking to study in Canada as an international students from elementary to university level, or you want to visit your family in Canada, you can apply for Study and Visitor Visa.