About ITC

ITC Immigration and Employment Services Inc., practices in the area of Canadian immigration as well as second residency and citizenship programs in a global sense. The company was established in 1998 to provide knowledgeable and efficient immigration services. After more than 20 years of experience, ITC has knowledgable staff with extensive experience and expertise in different areas of immigration.

Ramin Asadi a member of the The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants,  has particular expertise in many different areas related to Canadian immigration matters and provides representation and advice to foreign nationals who are looking to obtain a Canada visa and enter Canada for living permanently or for a temporary residence.

We are specialized in Business and Investment immigration not only to Canada but also to USA, European and Caribean countries.

ITC’s slogan is “There is Always a Way” and we mean it. Our history of converting immigration applicants into permanent residents of country of choice is a testament to our high level of professionalism and attention to detail. We apply this approach to each and every person applying to immigrate to Canada.We ensure that every person’s application is always handled with the attention and priority it deserves. “It is our promise to respond to all your queries.”

ITC with its headquarter in Toronto, Canada and offices in Iran, has expert staff, all dedicated to helping you transform your dream into the reality of a new home.

ITC Credentials

The credibility of the Canadian individual or firm you choose to represent you in the matters relating to your immigration to Canada is of critical importance. Applicants should not assume that all individuals who make claims of expertise are qualified, or even allowed under Canadian privacy legislation, to handle the complicated matters associated with such applications. Given the nature of the impact of this application on your future, applicants are cautioned to take the utmost care in assuring themselves as to the qualifications of those representing them.

ITC Immigration and Employment Services Inc. with the management of Mr. Ramin Asadi makes the resources to verify our credentials available to all prospective applicants who may wish to do so. The following is the contact information, of the professional organization which govern the legal representation provided by Ramin Asadi:

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