Canada Visa

Immigration Professional Legal Service

Regarding our experience, ITC Immigration is able to offer a full range of professional immigration legal services to those  who have a current immigration case or want to apply for Canadian citizenship or extend permanent resident card.

Global Case Management System

To Provide a detailed record of an applications’ file by using Global Case Management System(GCMS) service.

Permanent Resident Card

Canadian permanent residents may apply for extending a Canadian Permanent Resident Card at any time after landing in Canada. The applicants can use this service to apply for extending PR Card.

Apply for Canadian Citizenship

If a permanent resident spends at least three years out of five years in Canada, the applicant can apply for Canadian Citizenship. To apply for Canadian Citizenship by using ITC immigration service.

The Advantage of Advice on Immigration and Residence

Follow up and respond to immigration cases

To find out whether the case status or responding to the Immigration Officer’s requests, you need to have an experience in immigration processes to Canada. You can use our legal services on how to proceed with your immigration case and can adequately fulfill the accountability and follow up process.

Extend Canadian Permanent Resident Card

Persons who have stayed in Canada must maintain the required conditions for maintaining their residence card. You can get more consultancy on how to evaluate and apply for Permanent Resident card before sending to IRCC offices

Canadian Citizenship

The most important step in the Canadian immigration process is Canada’s citizenship. Eligibility and appraisal of the citizenship case have important points that the applicant must take to comply with all of them.
To prevent any risks in this process including lack of knowledge of the conditions of the process of obtaining citizenship, the applicant can get consultancy on how to apply properly for Canadian Citizenship. ITC Immigration can offer a full service on this process to the applicant to receive the appropriate result.