• Quebec Immigrant Investor

Quebec Immigrant Investor

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program seeks to attract experienced business people to invest C$1,200,000 into Quebec’s economy. Applicants who are successful under the Quebec Immigration selection system are issued a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for a Quebec Selection Certificate under Quebec Immigrant Investor program investors must:

  • have at least two years of management experience in the past five years in a legal farming, commercial or industrial business, or in a legal professional business, or for an international agency or a government;
  • have a minimum net worth of C$ 2,000,000 that was obtained legally;
  • make a C$ 1,200,000 investment (Financing is available);
    The assessment will also take into account other factors such as age, the nature and duration of applicant’s professional training and language skills.
Quebec Immigrant Investor

Quebec Immigrant Investor

Additionally, the applicant must obtain at least 40 points according to the following selection factors in the Quebec investor points grid:

Selection Factor Points
Education Maximum 12 points
Experience Maximum 10 points
Age Maximum 10 points
French / English Languages Maximum 22 points
Stay and family in Quebec Maximum 8 points
Adaptability Maximum 5 points
Investment Agreement Maximum 25 points
Total Maximum 92 points
Pass mark 40 points

Investment Options

When making investment under this program, the applicant can choose one of the following two options:

  • Investment of C$1,200,000 of your own funds:eThe applicant may choose to make an investment of C$1,200,000 of his/her own funds with the Government of Quebec. These funds will be returned in full without interest, about five years after payment; OR
  • Payment of a financing fee of around C$350,000:eThe applicant may choose to pay a one-time financing fee of around C$350,000 to a government-approved financial institution. This fee will not be returned. The financial institution will then make an investment with the government on the applicant’s behalf, using their funds.

The Process

  • Step 1:

    Submission of the Application for Quebec Selection Certificate to MIDI.

  • Step 2:

    Issuance of a “Confirmation d’avis d’intention de delivrance de CSQ” following a thorough assessment of the application by MIDI.

  • Step 3:

    Making the investment by the applicant and issuance of CSQ for the applicant and each dependent.

  • Step 4:

    Making a separate application to the Government of Canada for permanent resident visas.

  • Step 5:

    Medical and security examinations and issuance of permanent resident visas.


Quebec Application Fee: C$ 15,000 for main applicant, no fee for dependents.

Federal Processing Fee: C$ 1050 for main applicant, C$ 550 for spouse, C$ 150 for each child.

Right of Permanent Residence Fee: C$ 490 for main applicant, C$ 490 for spouse.

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About Canada

  • Visa Free Countries : 173, Rank: 2 (Visa Restriction Index 2014)
  • GDP per Capita : $43,100
  • Currency : Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  • Tax rates : 0 to 50% + Surcharge taxes (Varies), Sales Tax 5% to 15%, Corporate tax 11%-15% (federal) + 0%-16% (provincial)
  • Location : North America
  • Capital : Ottawa
  • Population : 34.835 million
  • Language : English 58.7%, French 22%, Other 19.3%
  • Religions : Christian 67.2%, Muslim 3.2%, Hindu 1.5%, Sikh 1.4%, Buddist 1.1%, Jewish 1%, No religion 23.9%
  • Government Type : Parliamentary democracy, a federation, and a constitutional monarchy